Food and Other Donations

Dog and Puppy Food

Dry dog and puppy food Wet dog and puppy food Dog treats like Beenos, Dentastix, Liver bread etc. Peanut butter Puppy milk formula Puppy pads Grass boxes Clickers Dog collars, leashes, harnesses (new or second hand) Plastic / steel water or food bowls Crates and carriers Toys

Cat and Kitten Food

Dry cat and kitten food Wet cat and kitten food Kitty milk (Royal canine – purchased at vets) Tins of sardines Cat scratch pads Catnip Plastic / steel water or food bowls Kitty litter Kitty litter trays Crates and carriers Kongs Toys

Bedding, Blankets, Medical

Towels Blankets / sheets Pillow cases Pillows / cushions Dog and cat housing Dog and cat baskets Heating pads Water bottles Infrared lights Shavings for horses/donkeys Shavings for rodents Betadine ointment Germalin ointment Salt Syringes (No needles – 1ml to 20ml sizes) F10 disinfectant Dewormers, Mediworm or Tri-worm Flea and tick treatment Fly spray for horses and dogs Tramuel Rescue remedy Epson salts Laundry detergent, fabric softener and bleach Hand wash and hand sanitizer

Bird and Rodent Food Related Items

Mixed bird seed – wild/fowl Treats for birds Dried peas Rice Krispies Millet seed Sunflower seeds Mealworms Jungle oats Dry rabbit food Treats for rabbits / hamsters/ rats/guinea pigs/mice Lucerne Canned fruit and vegetables Fresh fruit and vegetables Old newspapers Paper towels and cleaning supplies Crates and carriers Toys for birds and rodents

Horse and Donkey Related Items

Dry horse/donkey food – pellets/ feed Carrots and apples Peanut snack bars Bread Hay Lucerne Treats Toys Large water buckets Feed buckets/bowls Halters Fly masks Horse and donkey blankets / coats Garden hoses

Reptile and Exotic Aniamls food and Related Items

Reptile full spectrum bulbs 50-75 watts Basking lamps Tanks Drift wood and rocks Cedar and pine shavings Sand Toys Crickets Meal worms Dry reptile food Fresh fruit and veg or tinned

To find your nearest drop off point or arrange for collection of your donated items please contact us on Lynda 072 868 1993/ Sue 082 391 5328 or leave us an email and we will contact you.