"Tell me and I'll forget.
Show me, and I may not remember.
Involve me, and I'll understand" - Tribe unknown

For any food, blankets, toys etc. donations please drop us a mail through our "CONTACT US" page and we'll arrange for the pick up.

If you would like to make a cash donation, our banking details are as follows:

Account Holder: The Joey Gracie McConnell Animal Foundation

Bank: Nedbank

Account: 2631084683

Branch code: 163145

Account type: Savings

Fundraisers: We are currently looking for someone to sponsor us some goodies that we can sell with our logo on it. Proceeds will go to shelters in need as well as to the foundation itself for any veterinary costs that we incur when we foster/sterilise some animals. Goodies can include things like: T-shirts, mugs, stickers, caps, bookmarks etc. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!             

A very special THANK YOU to all of our great sponsors:

Matrix Warehouse Kensington:  Kensington@matrixwarehouse.co.za

Sue and Ruth-Little Folks Playgroup: mcconn@tlantic.net

Nicholas Vermaak: nicholas.vermaak@gmail.com - Website design and maintenaince: nicholas.vermaak@gmail.com

Donovan Du Val - Website hosting fees

Donovan Du Val - Foundation shirts

John Muller - Dog shirt sponsor

A-Z Lan - Dog food

Ivan Swiegers - Bird and rabbit food

The below shelters are all shelters that we have helped with donations.



"I was told the most horrific story yesterday and thought that maybe you should let your network know about this particularly in the Edenvale / Dowerglen areas.

One of the ladies at work lives in a complex in Dowerglen.
When she arrived home on Tuesday evening she saw a Taiwanese man that stays across the complex from her trying to shake her cat out of a tree.
She shouted at him and he ran away. She rescued her cat and took her indoors.

That evening she was thinking about the incident and realised that the amount of cats in their complex seems to be diminishing.
Wednesday morning she decided to phone the SPCA about the incident even though she wasn’t sure they could do anything.
Wednesday afternoon the SPCA phoned her to report back as to what had transpired.

They had received a search warrant and did an inspection of the property.
Apparently 6 Taiwanese individuals were arrested by immigration and immediately deported.

The SPCA confiscated boxes of cat meat, dog meat and horse meat from this townhouse.
These people were going around killing people’s pets for food.

I’m not sure whether the SPCA was already investigating them, or why they took her complaint so seriously, I’m just pleased that they did." Tracy Burrow



If your dog has been stolen or if you have info that could assist, contact the National Animal Task Force: South Africa Task Team for stolen dogs.

SA Police investigation officer : Capt William Dreyer 082 469 2549 /­ 021 467 8233 WynbergCluster@saps.gov.za

Cst Brown 076 471 4774 brownandre9@gma­il.com

Cst Loggenberg is 078 966 9773

SA Intepol Team member : Lt Col Anso van Deventer 082 778 3639 /­ 012 407 0458 vdventera@saps.go­v.za

NAWTT – RSA Coordinator & Data Administrator : Santa Lourens 082 568 7343 lourens@telkoms­a.net