"To hold a living creature, to learn it's loveliness,
to feel its heart beat in our hands,
to know its trust, is at last to understand
that we are kin. It is to rejoice in life.
It is to lose all loneliness." - Pam Brown, 1928. 

If you need any help re-homing an animal, please contact us at j.g.m.animal.foundation@gmail.com

Please ensure that you provide a detailed description of the animal as well as accurate contact information when submitting your request.

* PLEASE NOTE: The Joey Gracie McConnell Animal Foundation is NOT an animal shelter. We do not have the facilities to house these animals as yet. The Foundation simply acts as a networking agent between the public and those who contact us with adoption cases.  Thus, the Foundation cannot be held responsible for any inaccurate information provided. If you are interested in any of the adoption cases, please contact the owner directly.  We also urge all owners to have all their animals above 6 months of age to be sterilized and vaccinated before we can assist.